Mission Hills - Hillcrest Branch Library

The project will replace the current 3,850 square feet Mission Hills Branch Library built in 1961, and construct a new single story, 15,000 square feet library. The new library will be located on the south side of Washington Street, between Front St. and Albatross St., just north of the Florence Elementary School. The new library will:

  1. Feature modern library amenities, such as new children and teen areas, study areas, a computer lab, community meeting room, and a volunteer work area;

  2. Facilitate access for persons with disabilities;

  3. Be built on top of a new 30,000 square feet, two-story underground parking garage with approximately 85 parking spaces;

  4. Incorporate a design that will achieve LEED Silver certification;

  5. Include offsite improvements, such as drought tolerant landscaping, the construction of a cul-de-sac at the south end of Front Street and construction of a retaining wall at the southeast corner of the site.

Project Schedule

Completion of Project Design: Fall 2015*

Construction Completion: Winter 2017*

*All dates are approximate and subject to change.

Project Budget

The project’s land acquisition, planning, design, and construction budget is $20,250,500.

You can also find information about this project at the San Diego City Capital Improvement Project website.

The Project ID is S130s2:


Mission Hills-Hillcrest Library Project

In Spring 2004 the Friends of Mission Hills-Hillcrest Branch Library drafted a Vision Statement for our new facility; it remains relevant today. You can be involved in helping us achieve that vision by joining the Friends of Mission Hills-Hillcrest Branch Library and supporting the branch library with your time, energy, and financial resources.

Click here to read full Vision Statement.


In September 2003 the city purchased the lot at the southwest corner of Washington and Front streets, the site of the old IBEW building to replace the current 3,850-square-foot Mission Hills Branch Library located at 925 W. Washington St., built in 1961.

First community workshops: Fall 2004

On July 25, 2005, the City Council passed the new Mission Hills branch funding authorization. This assures the initial funding for engaging the architectural firm of Mosher, Drew, Watson & Ferguson, and beginning the design work; the firm designed the La Jolla/Riford Library which opened in 2004.

In November 2005, the community workshop series continued. At the gatherings attendees identified major functions, critical needs and design considerations for the library. They also chose (from three ideas presented by the architect) an interior concept featuring a library on the first floor with two levels of underground parking. The architect suggested using historical materials and details in contemporary design.

Because of the City’s budget uncertainties the final community meeting scheduled for the summer of 2006 was never held.

San Diego Library Foundation is actively pursuing major donors now with community fund raising to begin when a significant portion of the funding has been pledged by major donors.

Building Specifications

Location: Southwest corner of Washington and Front streets; entrance on Front Street.

Singe story with two underground levels of parking (approximately 85 parking spaces.)  Single story is high enough to be divided into two stories at a later date; space will include community meeting rooms, computer labs, separate areas for children and teens, as well as house other amenities of a modern branch library.

Cost:  approximately $19,000,000 (in 2005).

Originally scheduled to open in late 2007/early 2008; there is no anticipated date now.